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Marketing Analytics Tools - a Beginners Guide for Data-Driven Marketers and Growth Hackers

You're here because you want to learn more about how to use data and marketing analytics tools to outgrow your competitors or help your clients. Here are some of the key things you need to know to get to started with data-driven marketing analytics.

Marketing Analytics - what is it and Why does Data Matter?

If you work in online marketing - you cannot operate effectively without data. From online advertising campaigns, remarketing campaigns, landing page conversion rates, user retention rates, daily, weekly and monthly active users, 30 day retention curves, conversion funnels, conversion rate optimisation, cohort analysis, qualitative feedback data, and even split (A/B) testing of everything from images, colors, call to action text, email subject lines, even the best time of the day and week to send emails.

Beyond that, even to personalisation of website content and customer offers and emails/on screen messages is based heavily on real-time customer segmentation using.. you guessed it.. data.

In brief, everything is moving toward data, and if you aren't using data to get the best from your marketing, you can be sure your competition is.

What are Marketing Analytics Tools and Why should I use them?

Marketing analytics is the combination of tools that together create a stack (Marketing Analytics Stack) of tools that give you the ability to measure the full digital marketing process, from initial awareness, capturing interest, building desire and finally taking the action that generates revenue for your business.

What is a MAT Score and how can it help me use data to beat my competitors?

We created this MAT Score calculator that read your website and gives you feedback on how well your analytics tool stack ranks from 0 to 100.

The score is a combination of tools used for different purposes, and the best marketing analytics tool stacks cover at least 5 core areas: SESSION ANALYTICS, CUSTOMER ANALYTICS , MARKETING AUTOMATION , SURVEYS & USER FEEDBACK, and A/B TESTING.

Naturally, you'll want to improve your own marketing analytics tools, so here are some tips on how to get started setting up a Marketing Analytics Stack, and what shortcuts to take. .

Also, Popcorn Metrics lets you push customer data direct from your website or webapp to your marketing and analytics tools - without needing a developer

Check your MAT Score. Find out where you need to improve.

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